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German Lamps in the US *

Jenny and Mike, relatives of Lilly and Fred, live in the USA. Their grandmother has emigrated from Germany to the USA a long time ago. While they had been rummaging around in their granny's attic, they had found an old light bulb with the inscription 60W/230V.


When they ask her, their granny tells them that the Germans had a supply voltage of 230V in their homes 230V, and that it wasn't 115V like in their home.


If you click on the buttons on your right-hand side, you will hints a clues for solving the problem. Choose one! You can also work your way through all of the clues on at a time.

* his taks is based on the suggestions in Wodzinski, R. & Stäudel, L. (2009). Aufgaben mit gestuften Hilfen für den PHYSIK-Unterricht. Friedrich-Verlag, S.52-55

Hints And Clues
The Water Model
We compare water and electric current and look for similarities.
Illuminating Joy
What determines the brightness of a lamp?
Lilly and Fred
Lilly and Fred at full power!
The Curve To Success
amperage and voltage in a diagram
This might help...
In the tool box you can find important basics in physics and things worth knowing.
"I've got it!"...
...and I would like to answer the question.