Illuminating Joy

In this experiment you work with batteries and light bulbs in order to find out more about electric power.

A light bulb absorbs electric power and emits light power as well as thermal power. The amount of emitted power can be seen in the brightness of the bulb. The brighter, the more power is emitted.

For the experiment you'll need some materials.

  • 3 batteries (3V, 6V, 9V)
  • 3 light bulbs with the following properties:
    • bulb 1: 4V; 0,04A
    • bulb 2: 4V; 0,1A
    • bulb 3: 4V; 0,3A
  • some cables
  • a socket for the bulb

Zusammenstellung des Materials (siehe links).

If you shouldn't have all this material, it isn't bad at all. You can also watch a video of the experiment on the following page!