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The Electric Iron

Today, Pit has ironed his laundry himself for the first time. The flatiron turned itself on and off several times.

His mother explained to him that the iron does so to keep the right temperature: If it was too hot it would damage the cloth and if it was too cold it would not remove the creases from the clothes properly.

But why does the iron switch on and off at the right moments, so that Pit can focus on his ironing without having to fear that he burns the clothes? Can you help Pit solve this puzzle?


How does the automatic temperature regulation of a flatiron work?

You can find hints behind the buttons on the right, which can be helpful for solving the task. Choose one of them! You can work on as many hints as you like to.

Helpful hints
Hot Iron
What happens to metal when we heat it up?
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Self-regulation everywhere
Nature regulates itself.
Warmth from electricity
How can electricity turn into heat?
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