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A bath mat as floor heating

Laura and her dad went to the hardware store because they are renovating the bathroom. In the bathroom department she wants to know if it is possible to install a heated floor into the room because she is always so cold in the mornings. Her father replies: "That is really not necessary, a warm bath mat has the same effect costs much less than a heating." He takes a fluffy bath mat from the shelf and reads out the instructions: "Nice, safe, warm! The perfect mat for your bathroom! - You see, this is just the thing we need. It warms your feet like a heating. The cold from the floor does not stand a chance." Laura thinks about it and replies: "But dad, the mat is just as cold as the foor!"


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Two ice cubes...
...and a woolen hat!
Cold water and warm water...
...and what do we feel anyway?
Warm lemonade...
...or cold tea?
Heat receptors...
...but how do they work?
This could be useful...
..You can find important physics background knowledge in the toolbox.
"I have got it!"...
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