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The riddle of the pirate

The greatly feared captain of the pirates "Schalkimnack" was not only famous for his cruelty but also for baffling his prisoners with difficult brain twisters. This is one of his favourite riddles:
Schalkimnack took a gold coin an throw it overboard into the sea. He asked:
"Did the sea level ...

If one of the prisoners could solve the riddle, he was set free, but in case of giving the wrong answer, he was thrown to the sharks. Legend relates that until now, nobody could manage to solve the riddle.
Now you've got caught by Schalkimnack!

Can you solve the riddle?


You can find hints behind the buttons on the right which can be helpful for solving the task. Choose one of them! You can work on as many hints as you like to.

Helpful hints
Floating ships made out of iron…
and sinking ships made out of wood? We think about how this is possible.
Plasticine learns how to swim
In our experiment you will become a swimming instructor.
Wood overboard!
What would happen, if the captain threw a wooden beam overboard instead of the gold coin?
Eureka! Eureka!
Archimedes and the king's crown.
This could help you out...
The toolbox contains important terms and elements of physics as well as other interesting things to know.
"I've got it!"...
...and I would like to answer the question.