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A Super Toy

Lisa is cleaning up the mess in her room. While she is at it, she suddenly finds two old rubber balls that she used to play with when she was younger. The balls are different in size - one is small, the other big. Lisa has an idea: Instead of cleaning up her room she wants to test something. She places the little ball onto the big one and then she lets them drop at the same time. What do you think will happen to the small ball after both balls have bounced off of the ground? Please find explanations for your answer!


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Helpful hints
The Car Crash
...full speed ahead!
The Jumping Balls
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Lilly and Fred
Lilly and Fred play billards!
when stars explode...
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In the toolbox you'll find necessary principles in physics and things worth knowing.
"I've got it!"...
...and I would like to answer the question.