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There is an iceberg swimming in a pot which is filled up to the brim with water.
What will happen, if the iceberg melts?
Will there be some overflow of water? Will the water level stay the same? Or, will it even sink?


There are some hints for the solution behind the buttons on the right side. Choose one of it! You can also work on several hints consecutively.

Helpful hints
How does a submarine work?
We think about what we can learn from a submarine ...
Swimming in the Dead Sea...
Experiments in a glass of water.
What if…
Lilly and Fred think about the density of an iceberg.
Water is not normal…
because it reacts differently from other substances near the freezing point.
That may help you...
In the toolbox you can find important physical basics and useful facts.
"I got it!"...

...and I would like to answer the question.