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A bird in danger?

Have you ever seen birds sitting on a voltage line?
I'm sure you have! Birds sit there to rest after a long time flying. But danger signs on the power pole warn us of the danger of a life-threatening electric shock!


Why don't the birds have an electric shock?

Try to think of it and maybe you can find the explanation. If you need some tipps for solving the problem, you will find some helpful ideas on the right.

Helpful hints

The Water Circuit
Comparison of water current and electrical current
We experiment ...
... and find out what would happen if the bird was a light bulb.
The Human And The Bird
Lilly and Fred have a closer look at the situation.
How to do an experiment properly?
The dangers of working with electricity
This might help...
In the toolbox you'll find necessary principles in physics and things worth knowing.
"I've got it!"...
...and I would like to answer the question.