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The Broken Magnet

Oh no! Lilly and Fred dropped one of their bar magnets while experimenting. Unfortunately it broke in half.
How will the two pieces of the magnet behave? Will they attract each other? Will they repel each other? Or have they completely lost their magnetic effects?

Broken magnet split between the north and the south pole.

You can find hints behind the buttons on the right, which can be helpful for solving the task. Choose one of them! You can work on as many hints as you like to.

Helpful hints
Magnetized iron
Can you make a magnet?
The bicycle tour
What bicycles and magnets have in common.
Elementary Thoughts
Lilly and Fred talk about elementary magnets.
A look inside
When is a magnet a magnet?
This could help you...
In the toolbox you can find important physical basics and useful facts.
"I've got it!"...
...and I would like to answer the question.