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Aufgaben zur Mechanik Hilfe zur Benutzung der Lernumgebung Alphabetischer Werkzeugkasten Aufgaben zur Wärmelehre Aufgaben zur Elektrizität und zum Magnetismus Aufgaben zur Optik

How can I solve the tasks?

After you have choosen a brain-teaser, you get to the main brain-teaser.
On the left the brain-teaser is described.
On the right you can find different helpful hints, which support you in trying to solve the task. They normally consist of other brain-teasers and experiments, which have something in common with the brain-teaser you chose. Thinking of already known, similar phenomenons, looking at special situations in the context of the task or making own observations in an experiment can often help to solve the tasks. For doing this, the helpful hints offer a lot of ideas.
After having worked on such a helpful hint, you get closer to solving the brain-teaser or you probably already have the right solution in mind. If you need another hint to be sure about the solution you can choose another one. You can choose as many helpful hints as you want or need to.
Additionally, you have the opportunity to have a look at the toolbox where important physical terms are explained and of course you can just solve the task by stating the right solution.

What do the different symbols stand for?

image You like to think about brain-teasers and which similarities different phenomenons have? Here you can expect other brain-teasers or transfer tasks which are closely related to the main brain-teaser.
image You like to try things out in experiments? Here you get detailed explanations for experiments you can do yourself at home! You mostly need things you already have at home or which you can easily get.
image You like drawing or making things clear by using diagrams while solving a task? Here you find new ideas for the solution by drawing.
image You like to discuss a problem with other people? What happens if a task is changed on purpose to get closer to the solution? Lilly and Fred invite you to think about special cases or extreme situations in the context of the brain-teaser.
image You want to know more? Here you can find additional knowledge and interesting facts which are more or less necessary for some of the tasks, for example historical considerations or technological examples.
image You want to brush up your knowledge about physics? Then you should have a look at the toolbox in which physical terms and processes are explained and described which are important for solving the brain-teaser and furthermore support your understanding.
image You are sure about the right solution and would like to answer? After having clicked on this button you can choose your answer. But - the solution button is only activated after you completely worked on at least one helpful hint.