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Clicking "physics brain-teasers"œ (see blue arrow in the picture above) brings you to the welcoming page again.

The red arrow in the picture below points at the navigational elements. With their help you can get to the different areas of this WWW-page:

  1. The first four buttons (Mechanics, Optics, Electricity, Thermodynamics) bring you to the brain-teaser tasks. The tasks are arranged according to their topics (optics, mechanics, etc.).
  2. In the "Toolbox"œ different terms of physics are explained. It helps you to solve the tasks but you can also use it as a work of reference. To locate the terms easier, they are arranged in alphabetic order.
  3. When clicking "žHelp"œ you can find technical help (for example for the case that this page is not shown properly with your browser) as well as hints how you can get around on this page. Also you can find information how to contact us via e-mail or visit the homepage of the Department of Physics of the PH Schwäbisch Gmünd.